Letters to My Son - Eight


Today you are eight.

You are a gracious and caring brother to your baby brother. He absolutely adores you and wants to be just like you.

You are an empathetic and generous friend. You asked me to make two snacks for your lunch because you felt your friend's snack wasn't enough for him.

You are beginning to notice the world around you more, what others like and dislike.  You are tethering between innocence and realizing the truth of the world we live in. I want to shield you from it a bit longer, but I know I need to let you grow.

You like the video games. You like the puzzles and problem-solving aspects of gaming.  You would play all day if you could.  When I explained that you couldn't spend too much time playing the games, you worked your way around it by reading books and watching shows about video games. You make your own costumes based on the characters from the games.  Bravo.

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 Your favorite meal is Belgian Waffles, layered with as much syrup as you can get away with.

You told me you are too big for kids meals at restaurants and you now order from the regular menu. My heart broke a little.

You are very handsome. You were embarrassed that a girl in your class proclaimed her crush on you in front of the entire class. That made me smile...and wince.

You lost the last of your baby teeth.

You are smart, funny, ambitious, creative, a gentleman, stubborn, witty, passionate and loved.

Today you are eight and mommy wants you to know, above all else, you are loved.

Happy Birthday




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