Snapshot of Our Week - Mothers Day 2017

Flowers, card and new headphones. Day spent with my boys...perfect. Happy Mothers Day.

Flowers, card and new headphones. Day spent with my boys...perfect. Happy Mothers Day.

Summer is almost here!! 

My oldest has about 3 weeks left of school and then we are done. He didn't have any real homework assignments this year. But the teacher did send enough supplementary work home to keep him busy. He starts film camp in a few weeks, I'm really excited about that, probably more than he is.  


I'll admit, I'm currently in a reading funk. I'll start a book, get bored and not finish it. I don't know why books can't hold my interest these days.  If anyone has any suggestions on a must read books, please let me know. 


I have been listening to books lately using the Hoopla app on my iPhone. Hoopla is an app where you can stream or download books using your public library card. I'm currently working my way through American Gods by Neil Gaiman. It's the full cast version. It sounds like I'm listening to one of those old radio shows. Even if you've read the book, I highly recommend the audio version.  




My oldest birthday. I still can’t believe he is 8 years old now. We celebrated by taking the family to Medieval Times. He also got to go on a mini shopping spree at GameStop, have anything he wanted for breakfast and dinner the week of his birthday (mainly cookies and milk and pizza).

Working On

We have decided to redecorate our house. Nothing too fancy, just new curtains, rugs, and other small pieces of furniture to give our home a new look and better function. After reading The Life-Changing Magic of TidyingUp, I wanted to declutter everything. I’m having a hard time getting the boys to part with some of their things, but I think I can persuade them better once they see how nice and refreshed the rooms are after we redecorate.


I'm researching all I can about making home movies. I've been researching how to make and edit films on my iPhone and camera.  This is something I really want to try my hand at this summer. I absolutely adore what Xanthe Berkeley is able to achieve with her films. She's definitely my inspiration.


I just finished binging Riverdale on Netflix and it was SO good. It was a short season, 13 episodes, but it told a complete and very entertaining story. I hope season 2 keeps with this formula. If they draw it out to 26 episodes (a normal season) a two story arc for a drama of this type would be too much. Next, I'm going to watch the last season of The Blacklist until Game of Thrones starts. 


For summer. This year we plan" Grouponing " the city of Chicago and be a tourist in our home town.  We also plan on attending 4 (or more) food festivals this year. So far we have decided on the Food Truck Festival and our annual trip to Pierogi Fest

So tell me, how was your May?

  • What have you been reading/watching/or listening to lately?

What do you have planned for June

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