Five Creative Back to School Photography Tips

  Whether it's your child's first day of school or they are returning a year older and wiser, the first day is always exciting. It's a wonderful milestone to capture, and if done yearly, you'll be able to see your child's growth through the years.  You want to get the shot of your child looking at the camera and smiling. But don’t stop there. Try to tell the rest of the story of this day by capturing how this day feels from your child's perspective.  Here are 5 ways to creatively take back to school photos:


Back to School Interview

I do an interview with my oldest about a week before school starts. I ask him about his favorites and what he would like to be when he grows up. I use the interview to make a back to school sign that I post next to his posed back to school picture. this is a great way to commemorate a specific time in his life.


Clothes, Backpacks, and Lunchboxes

Chances are, your child took great care in picking out at least one element of their back to school gear.  shoes they waited all summer to wear, their favorite superhero on a lunchbox, or the new haircut they can't wait to debut at school. Try to incorporate something they are very excited about into the story.


Walking to School

There's that one moment when you're your kids dropping off for their first day of school, and they turn their backs to you and run into the class. Or, they see a friend they haven't seen all summer and they to be with their friends. In between the tears, try to capture a quick shot of them from behind running off on their next adventure.


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The Classroom

If the school permits it, try to take at last one picture of your child inside the classroom. Cubbies, rows of desks or a board outside your child's name welcoming them to their new class, these can all be a key element in the back to school story. If parents aren't allowed in, try to get a picture of your child on the school playground or with the name of the school as the backdrop.

Senior Year

This is one I definitely plan to do with my kids.  Find the earliest first day of school photo of your child. On the first day of their senior year of high school, take a picture of them holding the picture. This will commemorate the first day of their first year of school and the first day of their last day of school.


The first day of school photos will make great memories for your child and the entire family. How do you document the first day of school?



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