Art Day

They want to go outside, specifically, to the playground. But, it's still winter in Chicago with no signs of Spring like weather in the forecast.  The boys have cabin fever and in all honesty, so do I. All of us need a break in our normal weekend routines of just homework, cleaning and running errands. So Friday after work, I headed to Michaels and picked up some art supplies to give the boys an activity that did not involve iPads, Gameboys or Netflix.  Plus, I wanted new art and pictures to hang in the house since we got the living room and sitting room painted. We have done art projects before, but they have never been this organized. I'm always buying crayons, colored pencils and paper whenever I see them on sale. At Michaels, I was able click it up a notch with paint, canvases, stencils,  flower pots (for a later DIY project), and sketchbooks.

It's Time to Create

Shortly after breakfast,  I introduced the boys to their work stations. I made easels from old boxes and duct tape and set out all the needed supplies. They were SO excited when they saw they setup and got to work immediately. Then, something magical happened. They were quite. For about 45 minutes they concentrated on their art pieces stopping only to ask me to change the w water in their dish or add more colors to their palettes. After they were done with the canvases, Marcel retreated to his crayons and I treated Micah to a new sketchbook. He's really interested in drawing anime and manga, so I printed out some pages for him to practice with.  After the paintings dry, I'm going to find a place to hang them were the boys will be sure to see them daily. I think they feel really proud to see their art displayed among the other art we have in the house.

What have you done to beat the winter blues? Any cabin fever tips you can share? Leave a note in the comments.

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