30 Days of Gratitude

Stories of Gratitude

Every day, I write down one good memory, or one thing I’m grateful for, and I’ve noticed that it has subtly changed my perspective on life. Last year to switch things up, I did a personal project called 30-Days of Visual Gratitude. It was a photo challenge, and it has been one of my favorite personal projects to date. I even had a few people join in on Instagram and Facebook. This year I decided to revamp the challenge and add in a storytelling aspect for myself and for those who don’t want to participate using photos. Whether you’re using images, writing or both, the premise of this challenge is the same, to tell your story by making gratitude a daily part of your life.

Stories of Gratitude

Let the prompts take you back to a time, to a place, to a story that illustrates significance to you. Then, share it. Personal stories like these act as gateways to true gratitude. Through their telling, the value of that object, person, or memory will become evident to all you share it with. Storytelling provides a new way to express your gratitude and also the opportunity for that person, place or thing to be appreciated anew. Maybe your story will even inspire someone to thank a person they’ve taken for granted or realize the value in something they never fully appreciated.  The list is mostly just a way to motivate me (and you) to reflect on what we have and to stay present so that we can acknowledge more. 

The Challenge

For the next 30 days, choose a prompt and think about a memory or something you’re grateful for. Look through old photos to trigger a memory, or take an image to create new ones. I'm going to be adding photos to my entries as a way to visualize and share my thoughts. If you do decide to take daily photos just remember that you don't need to be a professional photographer and any camera will work to join the challenge. Even if can’t post daily, focusing on gratitude as much as possible will allow you to feel happier and provide a fresh perspective on things. Try the prompts in order, or pick one randomly for each day. The prompts are open to your interpretation, the goal is to tell your stories. If you decide to share, please use the hashtag #StoriesOfGratitude so that others can see your story and be inspired. I can’t wait to share and see some of your stories!

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