10 Things I Love About You

A Letter to My Son on Your 10th Birthday

For the past 10 years, my job has been to build you a solid foundation.

I’ve taught you so much in the past 10 years like how to tie your shoes, the importance of reading, cleaning up after yourself, coding, gratitude, why bacon is the candy of meats, appreciation for the arts, and so much more. All of this came second nature to me. Teaching you how to do something was easy for me and at times fun.


But raising you! This was the part that kept me up at night, made me worry and question if I was parenting right.

I’ve tried to raise you so that you not only had a happy childhood, but a virtuous one focused on being creative, productive and moral. How hard work and determine pay off and how to appreciate experiences. I’ve raised you so you’re able to make good decisions, be independent, a thinker, a leader and a good person. To live a life of grace and love.


I have laid the foundation as best I could. For the most part, I am done raising you. Now it’s your turn.

The next 10 years will be full of change, emotions, realizations and growth. You will make mistakes and have some loses but there will be many more wins. You will get your heart broken, but you will know love. The next decade I will watch you grow from a boy to a man.


My job now is to provide for you, guide you, give you advice, be your support and to love you.

Happy 10th Birthday Micah Aaron Montgomery

With All My Love,