Chicago Family Reunion

This week we celebrated the July 4th holiday with family at our annual family reunion picnic at Garfield Park in Chicago. Although most of us live in the city, we honestly don't get together as much as we should. It was great spending time with my cousins and watching Micah and Marcel play until they fell out. There was tons of good food and plenty of laughs as we retold old stories and caught up with each other over new ones. A new addition to the reunion (that I honestly hope because a new tradition) was a slip and slide drinking game. There were two teams, with about 5 people on each team. They raced against each other, slid, took a drink, slid back and tapped the next racer to go. I didn't participate, but I did catch all the shenanigans in photo and film.  

It's always a great time when my family gets together.

I'm still challenging myself to film more this year, check out the video short of the reunion below.

Williams 2018 Reunion - Garfield Park Chicago

How was your holiday, did you do anything with your extra day off?