Letters to My Sons - Four

4th Birthday Portraits - boy


It seems like you’ve been three FOREVER. Your birthday being at the beginning of the year always makes it seems this way. When I wrote my letter to you last year you were just beginning to introduce us to who you really are. Your personality has settled in, you have very firm beliefs (like how orange fruit snacks are disgusting) and a way of doing things in your own independent way.

Superhero gif

Between three and four you:

  • traded in the Power Rangers for Spider-Man

  • started pre-school (and became line leader!)

  • insist on dressing yourself - most times as a Superhero

  • play video games

  • got really good at solving mazes and puzzles

  • ask for very little help with anything

  • want to help others as much as you can

  • build your own “adventure sets” with legos, cardboard blocks and waffle blocks

  • discovered you like to draw

  • prefer the beach or a vacation over a birthday party

Your sense of logic and reasoning when things don’t go your way is mature beyond your four years, so is your sense sarcasm. Daily we shrug our shoulders and say “You have to let Celly be Celly”. You continue to amaze us everyday.

My wish for you this year is that you never lose your fearlessness, your curiosity or your big heart.


Happy Birthday Celly

Love Mommy