Letters to My Sons - Three

Dear Celly (or as you’ve command us to call you Red Power Ranger),

36 months. You have only been in this world for 36 months and in that time you have proven that you are one of a kind. You scare me with your fearlessness. You are adventurous, athletic and strong and you push the boundaries of your limits daily. Your favorite thing to do is follow your big brother who at times is very annoyed and confused by the fact that you want to be so much like him.

You love cereal (Apple Jacks) and oatmeal.

You don’t like chocolate or orange fruit snacks.

I think your’e on a personal mission to watch all 20 seasons of the Power Rangers.

Everyday you amaze us with your growing vocabulary, bravery, creativity, couch flying (as you call it) and independence.

power Rabger Birthday

Happy Birthday Celly! Mommy loves you!