Snapshot of Our Week - Carnival Ride

I helped them up the stairs and into their seats.  I watched as the ride operator buckled them in.  Then, I check the buckle. I asked Micah what his only job in the world was. He replied,  "I know Mom" then placed his arm around his brother, holding him tight. Micah had been on plenty of rides before, but it was Marcel's first time. The sign read that riders "must be 3 and older to ride", Marcel is 2.  He really wanted to ride with his older brother.  I'd asked the operator if it was alright, and he gave the OK as long as one of us rode with him. I was all prepared to join him, but Micah went into big brother mode and said, "it's ok mom, I got him". So, I gave in. I jumped when I saw their faces wince as the ride got started. I watched carefully, then I picked up my camera because the only thing I saw was pure joy.

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