Snapshot of Our Week - Camp Duncan

Camp Duncan Beach

This week we went to Camp Duncan in Ingleside, IL for an of summer party. The boys had never been to the forest before, so I was pretty excited for them to experience the woods. We’ve been thinking about renting a cabin and going camping one weekend and used this as an opportunity to test it out. We drove an hour and a half from Chicago to the camp grounds, and was greeted by mosquitoes. There were SO MANY mosquitoes. We went through an entire can of bug spray the couple of hours we at the camp. But, mosquitoes aside, the camp had everything set up for fun. First we ate at the buffet were we had a hot dogs, burgers, chips, fruit along with other sides and sodas. Activities were spread out around the camp for us to explore. There were multiple bounces houses, archery, kayaking, a long sliding tube, hayrides, volleyball and wall climbing. We all tried wall climbing. Micah and I both got about half way up before the mosquitoes got to be too much and we came back down. The boys favorite activity was the ice cream truck that had all you can eat ice cream. They both had three each. We ended the day on the little beach near the lake and kayaking activities. They played quietly together digging in the sand and building sandcastles. Minus the mosquitoes, it was a perfect end of summer day.

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