Visual Memoir Project

Memoir (US: /ˈmemwɑːr/;[1] from French: mémoirememoria, meaning memory or reminiscence) is a collection of memories that an individual writes about moments or events, both public or private, that took place in the subject's life. A biography or autobiography tells the story "of a life", while a memoir often tells a story "from a life", such as touchstone events and turning points from the author's life.

Visual Memoirs Old Prints

My parents recently gifted me a box of old family photos.Looking through those images brought back so many memories and stories. I asked him about the people I didn’t recognize and the stories behind some of the images. They told me what they could recall and I remember seeing the joy in their faces as they remembered people and places they hadn’t thought about in years.  It was an afternoon of storytelling, lessons, sentiments, and discovery that started me on an unexpected chapter of my photography journey.


I want that same feeling for my kids. I want them to look back and see their childhood, their life in words and images. This project will have a mix of old and new entries. I will use the old images to trigger my memories to write about people and events I’ve long forgotten about. New images will be documented so that they will never be forgotten. Feel free to bookmark this page, or join my newsletter to follow along and get tips on how you can start your own photographic memoir.

Do you have any old photos from your childhood? What are you doing to preserve your memories now, let talk about it in the comments.

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